In the discovery of life we find ourselves looking for the things we can relate to.

It is this thought that becomes the basis for the work of Rolando Diaz, a native Cuban-American artist.

Diaz believes that, "art is an expression of life". Everything we see, feel, touch, smell and hear, in one way or another, become part of the images expressed on the canvas.

Born in Havana, Cuba, to a Cuban immigrant businessman who fled an oppressive Communist regime, Diaz learned early that there are those who will go through life with little or nothing they can call their own. This thought has touched the heartstrings of the artist, who has traveled through cities in the U.S. and other countries, including Cap Haitian, Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, recalling and painting those images, and raising funds through his art for the poor.

Diaz travels internationally with his art to countries such as Africa, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Honduras, Guatemala, England and Canada. The experiences of his travels continue to bring him back to the original European influences in Havana. The island was once conquered by the Spaniards and the French. The Old Havana city is full of European detail. It's architecture, monuments, narrow cobble stone streets, palms and the ocean reflect the bohemian life style.

A documentary about Diaz titled “Recapturing Cuba” has been released. The film won two awards at the Sundance File Festival and has been an inspiration to many people. Diaz has exhibited in museums, galleries and private homes, while maintaining a solid collector's list . He has also exhibited at the Grace Cultural Arts Museum in Abilene, Texas, The LA Thompson Gallery and Gallery 209, The Pace Collection, The Florence Art Gallery in Dallas, and several other places.